Reunion Information

Please email us at [email protected] with information on upcoming class reunions.  Also feel free to share info on our Facebook page at Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association Facebook Page

Click the below link to for resources to get you started planning your class reunion

Class Reunion Planning Resources

Upcoming Class Reunions

Class of 1969 - 55th 

A reunion is planned for Saturday September 14, 2024 at the Sea Ketch restaurant at Hampton Beach.  Meet on the 3rd deck at 2pm.  Informal, pay as you go.  For more info contact Frank Bajowksi email: [email protected]

Class of 1974  - 50th

A reunion is being planned for August 23-24, 2024

More information on the class Facebook site at Winnacunnet High School class of 1974 | Facebook

Class of 1994 - 30th

A reunion is planned for Saturday June 22, 2024 at 5pm at Wing-Itz in Hampton

(20+) Winnacunnet Class of 1994 Reunion | Facebook

Class of 2004 - 20th

A reunion is planned for August 3, 2024 at 5pm at the Old Salt in Hampton.

Class of 2014 - 10th

A reunion is being planned for November 30, 2024.  For more information go to the class Facebook page at Class of 2014 Facebook



Past Class Reunions

Class of 1973 Florida reunion

The class held a southern reunion on Florida on January 14, 2024. 


Class of 2003 - 20th Reunion

The class held their reunion in the fall of 2023

Class of 1970 - 53rd Reunion

Held September 15, 2023 at the Elks Club in Portsmouth, NH. 

Class of 1983 - 40th Reunion

The class held their reunion on July 29, 2023  at Scammon Pavilion at Stratham Hill Park 

Class of 1973 - 50th Reunion

The class held their reunion the weekend  of July 21-22, 2023 

Class of 1968 - 55th Reunion

The Class of 1968 held their 55th reunion during the summer of 2023

Class of 2012 - 10th Reunion

The class of 2012 held their 10th reunion on Saturday November 26, 2022 at 3S Art Space in Portsmouth, NH.

Class of 1961

The class of 1961 held their 61st reunion on October 1, 2022.

Classes of 1985-1988

A reunion was held on October 1, 2022 at the The Portsmouth Gaslight after a tour of the High School 


Classes of 1980, 1981 & 1982

A joint 40~ish class reunion was held the weekend of September 23-25, 2022. 



Sunday concert at the North Hampton bandstand 

Class of 1972 - 50th Reunion  

The reunion was held the weekend of August 19-21, 2022

Class of 2002 - 20th Reunion, August 6, 2022

Class of 1967  55th 

Reunion was held on July 16, 2022 with a dinner at the Old Salt. 


Class of 1975

Members of the class of 1975 got together for lunch on Saturday April 30, 2022 at the Airfield Cafe


Class of 1971

The class of 1971 held their 50th reunion the weekend of October 22-23, 2021.  They had a tour of the high school on Friday night, and a dinner on Saturday night.

Class of 2011

The Class of 2011 held their 10th reunion on Saturday October 16, 2021 at Flag Hill Distillery & Winery in Lee, NH


Class of 1976 45th Reunion

The Class of 1976 held an informal Meet & Greet on Saturday September 11, 2021.

Class of 1979

The class of 1979 held their 40th reunion on Saturday November 9, 2019 as a luncheon at the Galley Hatch.  All classes were invited. 11:30-3:30 with a tour of the High School after.  

Link to Class of 1979 Facebook page with more photos

Class of 1964

The Class of 1964 held their 55th reunion on Thursday Sept 19, 2019 at the Portsmouth Country Club

Class of 1969

Class of 1969 held their 50th year reunion was held Sept 20-22, 2019

Class of 2009- 10th year Reunion was held Saturday August 10, 2019 at Grill 28


Class of 1989 

The class of 1989 held their 30th reunion on July 27, 2019 at the Old Salt     


Class of 1973 

The Class of 1973 held a picnic on July 27, 2019 at Tuck Field


Hampton Academy & High School Class of 1946

Hampton Academy Class of 1946 held their 73th Reunion in the fall of 2019 at the home of Class VP Wayne Elliot